Many people still think what using RAW file is only just a way to saturate quickly your strorage disk.
A RAW file provides a greater range to develop your photo, many times more than a JPEG file.
So here a quick example (I just took some minutes to develop it)to show the reverse, with a photo of Mont Blanc taken in the mist.
On the left, the RAW file without any work, on the right the same file once quickly developed.

A JPEG file would never have allowed me such a job.
Even if it takes up space, a RAW file format provides

  • Highest level of quality
  • All the data from the sensor.
  • Greater levels of brightness
  • High level of brigthness, 256 for a JPEG, 4096 or 16384 levels for a RAW file
  • Better work around the over or under exposed photos
  • Better work around white balance
  • More details
  • Non-destructive photo development