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Combined effects

A new experience of photo for me:  2 combined technics: The zoom out I use for several years to give speed feeling, combined here with a speed motion trail effect at the same time. Many tries and many bad results to obtain a photo able to be showed. This photo is taken thru the fence, after the Combes corner, on Spa circuit. This car is the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 #97, Team Oman and TF Sport) at 24 Heures of Spa...

Blue & White

Sometimes the photographer gets lucky. Here's an example, a photo taken quickly, as a reflex, in the curves of the karting on the Le Mans 24 Hours circuit during the Le Mans Classic 2018. Once back at home, this photo revealed a great play between the blue and white colors of these 2 American cars: a Ford Mustang and an AC Cobra, 2 cars linked by the spirit of Caroll...

Why RAW?

Many people still think what using RAW file is only just a way to saturate quickly your strorage disk. A RAW file provides a greater range to develop your photo, many times more than a JPEG file. So here a quick example (I just took some minutes to develop it)to show the reverse, with a photo of Mont Blanc taken in the mist. Even if it takes up space, a RAW file format provides Highest level of quality All the data from the...


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